How to Track Lost iPhone: Here are the Most Effective Ways to Recover Stolen iPhones

Losing an iPhone can be nerve-racking. There could be chances that you may have forgotten it in the cafe or maybe it got stolen in a crowded place. But don’t get disheartened, as it can be easy for you to track your iPhone as long as it runs on battery. In case you have your passcode enabled, the Find My iPhone feature is automatically enabled. The following steps will tell you how to find your stolen or lost iPhone.

The first thing that you do when you have realised that you lost an iPhone is using the Find My service. To use this service, open your computer and go to Now login to the iCloud account that you use on your iPhone. In case you are using the Family Sharing feature, you could use your family members iPhone to track your device by opening the Find My app and search for your device.

Once you have signed in to the iCloud on the browser, select the ‘All Devices’ option and choose your iPhone. With this, the map will show you the current location of the iPhone and if the iPhone was turned off, you will know its last known location. Now that the iPhone location is known, you could use the ‘Play Sound’ option that will trigger your iPhones audio, making it easier to find.

In case your iPhone is stolen or turned off, Lost mode is your last resort. This locks your iPhone and stops messages and notifications from coming through and also disables the ID and cards info stored in the Wallet. Enabling Lost mode will still allow calls to come in and will continue to track your phone’s location.

The Find My feature should be default in your phone, but it’s better you check if it’s running. Make sure you set a passcode and enable it by going to settings followed by Face ID – Passcode and enable your Touch ID or Face ID. Also, start using the Family Sharing feature that allows you to share purchased apps and Apple services and also track all the devices that are connected to the account.