Fractured Wrist

I have unfortunately fractured my wrist. The bone on fractured is the radius also known as the forearm bone. It isn’t a very major fracture, and we heal in next to no time at all.

I did this accident on my motorcycle a couple of weeks ago down south, and unfortunately I didn’t make a lot of progress in the event that I was competing in, as it was ended very shortly.

I now have a lovely green fiberglass cast on my arm for another couple of weeks and am very much looking forward to getting it off. I am lucky because I’m ambidextrous, and I have been able to adapt very well, and the cast has not slowed me down.

As you can see here, I am very capable and competent of topping without any major issues, so I’m able to look still after here on this blog and the other blogs that I have online.

My Skills- 3.

My Skills-

So last time I was telling you about me being multi-talented and here is secret why.

As I told you earlier that I had this idea of not wasting time so I talked to one of my friends and she suggested me to join university so that I can learn before I go and explore my world. This way I could have a brief idea of what I am capable of.

So joining this university was the best decision and thanks to Carla for introducing me to this. This University gave me full time and best learning to get the best possible education and now let me tell you how this all helped me.

After having a meeting with the Professionals of the university they suggested me to join the Interior designing course and thanks to their teaching method and easy course I was able to complete it before time and got a placement through their own connections.

Once I got fit in the job I thought of doing another course because I found that I could utilize the other course in the same job,

So here is a small list of education now have.
Degree in business, Certificate III in early childhood education and care, Certificate II in interior design, Speed reading, Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching.

Still continuing with other courses so that I can learn more. I have more plans, and I will keep on searching for the ultimate life and start travelling but a big thanks to the university that I could manage to keep my life on track.

Wait for more in my next blog.

My Passion and likes 2.

My Passion and likes-

I have always been interested in colours and colourful life, Like a normal girl I used to love colourful dresses and I was very good in arts classes, used to draw colourful houses on the sheet and put colours on my dress.

Since childhood it was my dream to draw Mona Lisa by myself and whenever I get the time I still do it with all my heart and trying to reach the perfection, meanwhile I grew up with kids who loved to play, sing and dance.

I started getting passionate about music and dance at the same time, the rhythm and harmony blew my mind ever since, I still sing and sing it to the children I take care of, also teach them how to dance on the daily basis, my whole day goes like I never did anything but instead I learn and teach and keep on learning again.

Well there is a secret for me being so multi-talented ( I am not making this up ) to know how just wait for my next blog.

Cate Incba 1.

Cate Incba
Hello Everyone my name is Cate Incba, I was born in England, but was raised in Perth WA after being immigrated. I have always been a naughty kid and used to disturb my parents a lot.

But somehow my parents always taught me to respect everyone and I always did that. Everyone liked me a candy of their eye. I am writing this blog to share my life experiences, one night I was looking at the stars thinking about life and my whole life passes through my thoughts.

I came to the conclusion that one day we all will be a part of the soil again.

So I decided that I would not wait for rest of my life to grow instead i will learn from this world and grow myself.

So with the new view towards life I am on my way to happiness. Keep yourself updated with my next blog in which I will be describing about my passion and way of living.


Welcome to Cate Incba . com

This will be a personal blog about me and my life. I hope you enjoy.

Have any comments? Feel free to leave any and I will do my best to get back to you.

Hi, My Names Cate Incba and Welcome to my Personal Blog